Cambium Networks ePMP

The ePMP™ 3000 access point and subscriber portfolio delivers high performance with interference tolerance at an affordable price. Built on the combined feature set of the ePMP 1000 and 2000, ePMP 3000 adds industry-leading throughput. Featuring a 4X4 access point and sector antenna, ePMP 3000 combines self-interference mitigating GPS synchronization with interference mitigation and combines it with Multi-User MIMO technology. Supporting an auxiliary SFP port, 80 MHz channel bandwidth, and 256QAM modulation, ePMP 3000 can provide up to 5x the performance as compared to the first generation of products. Proven to perform in harsh field conditions, ePMP 3000 also comes with a three-year warranty.

48 Products

ePMP 5GHz Force 4525 SM Bulk packaging (FCC-US Cord)
SKU: C058940M142A
ePMP 4500L 5GHz 2x2 Access Point (FCC-US cord)
SKU: C058940A162A
ePMP 4500 5GHz 8x8 Int Access Point (FCC-US cord)
SKU: C058940A122A
ePMP Force 425 Range Extender 4-Pack Packaging priced per extender
SKU: N000900L062A
ePMP 5 GHz Force 400C (FCC) (US Cord)
SKU: C058940C122A
ePMP Force 200 Extended Warranty, 2 Addl Years
ePMP Dual Horn MU-MIMO Antenna, 5 GHz, 60 degree
SKU: C050900D025A
ePMP 5 GHz MP 3000 MicroPOP Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910A132A
3000 Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket
SKU: N000900L060A
ePMP Force 300 Extended Warranty, 2 Additional Years
ePMP 3000 / 2000 AP Extended Warranty, 2 Additional Years
External GPS Antenna
SKU: N000900L030A
5GHz Force 300-19R SM (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058900C901A
5GHz Force 300-19 SM (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058900C801A
5GHz Force 300-13 SM (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058900C701A
3000L 5 GHz Access Point Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910A122A
5 GHz Force 300 CSM Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910C122A
4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna (for ePMP 3000 AP)
SKU: C050910D301A
5 GHz Force 300-16 Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910C112A
3000 5 GHz Access Point Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910A102A
Gigabit Surge Suppressor (30V)
SKU: C000000L065A
5 GHz Force 300-25 High Gain Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910C102A