Our Approach

We have become a leading distributor of networking solutions by being much more than a distributor. We think, act and deliver to a higher standard by providing exceptional service.

We build every client relationship through consultation — we take the time to truly understand your organization, its needs and goals. Our commitment is so deep, we function as an extension of your team. Always on call. Always focused on your long-term success.

Our engineers, product managers and sales professionals use their in-depth knowledge to create customized solutions, optimized for performance and pricing. Solutions that get you where you want to go, then further.

Along the way, you experience a level of care and attention to detail whose limits are defined only by your needs.

Our Staff

Sasha Sigal


Tyler Larkin

Senior VP of Operations

Justin Robinson

VP of Professional Services & Engineering

Michael Hoprich

Sales Director

Melissa Bonde

Senior Sales Executive

Jeff Broadwick

Senior Sales Executive

Matt Kahle

Senior Sales Executive

Marc Negri

Customer Service Representative

Mike Vasil

Strategic Account Manager

Joey DeGraba

Product Manager

Charles Listwan

Product Manager

Liliia Mukhametzianova

Global Sourcing Agent