Wireless Solutions for Indigenous and Tribal Communities


Indigenous and Tribal communities remain among the least connected in North America. A large percentage of Native Americans still do not have any access to high speed internet whatsoever. CTIconnect would like to help you get connected.

These communities require reliable broadband internet now more than ever, to provide economic opportunities and access to essential services such as remote classroom instruction, online learning programs, health care, digital commerce, and remote working.

CTIconnect has partnered with Cambium Networks to provide indigenous and tribal communities with the most fitting solutions. Together, we design, build, and manage wireless connectivity that bridges the digital divide. Rapidly and efficiently deploy wireless solutions that enable distance learning, telemedicin

e, broadband access and much more.

Get Your Future-Proof Solution - Cambium solutions have already been chosen by many Tribal organizations across North America.



New Spectrum Opportunities

The availability of expanded spectrum in 3 GHz CBRS as well as the opportunity for qualifying Tribes to obtain 2.5 GHz licenses has created a tremendous opportunity for Tribal organizations to dramatically improve broadband coverage. Cambium has been on the forefront of these developments with the release of fully compliant products which take advantage of the characteristics of these frequency bands.

2.5 GHz cnRanger LTE

The cnRanger™ Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage, is suited for challenging deployment environments, and reduces the cost and complexity typically associated with LTE networks. Check it out here.

CBRS and 5 GHz Solutions

In addition to the cnRanger Fixed LTE wireless platform, Cambium Networks offers powerful, robust, and proven technology in the CBRS and 5 GHz bands to augment and expand your 2.5 GHz network where needed.

Build a Wireless Network that Just Works for your Tribal Community - residential, education and business needs.