Illuminate the unconnected with CNHEAT

Cambium Networks offers cnHeat, the best in class RF planning service that supports 5 GHz PMP 450 and ePMP – and 3 GHz PMP 450 in LOS conditions. Built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in RF planning, propagation, and modeling as seen in LINKPlanner and integrated with GIS data down to 1-meter precision, cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that accurately predict the reality of the RF world.


Predict optimal install locations for new customers:
The accuracy of the heat maps generated by cnHeat saves time and labor costs on customer installs. Because optimal installation locations are identified in advance, the installer can simply place the equipment immediately in the predetermined locations at the deployment site, then verify coverage from predicted to actual. Pictured left, bottom home can be connected, with the SM install locations predicted for the red shaded area of roof. cnHeat predicts the top home as unable to be served, preventing a failed truck roll.

Prevent truck rolls for customers that cannot be reached:
cnHeat predicts whether service can be extended to a customer based on the address of the requested service site. If the location cannot be reached, an unnecessary truck roll is prevented, saving time and cost.

Install customers that failed before:
cnHeat also allows for a quick check on previously failed installs, predicting those unique locations where service can be obtained that were previously overlooked – promoting customer satisfaction by turning a hurdle into a success story and securing continued business. Pictured right, the home and surrounding yard fails installation, but service is predicted on the garage by cnHeat allowing a previously unconnected customer to now be connected.

Experience cnHeat - Request Service

To experience cnHeat on your sites is a simple process.

  • Simply download the cnHeat site information template and associated instructs via the "Download Template" button and fill out all fields requests.
  • Then send your filled out template to or directly to your sales executive.
  • hen upload the completed site information template or equivalent LINKPlanner project file via the “Choose File” button, fill out the customer identification fields, and select the “Submit” button.
  • Cambium Networks will read your site information and reach out to you providing you the appropriate cnHeat part numbers to order from a Cambium Networks reseller.
  • Shortly after your order is placed, Cambium Networks will contact you with the information to access your cnHeat site information.

Download Template