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Effective Connectivity Solutions

Effective wireless connectivity is essential for mining companies to increase productivity and ensure employee safety. CTIconnect understands the demands of a mining worksite, which consists of autonomous trucks, drilling machinery, and trains. Reliable communications, even in remote areas and harsh conditions, is necessary for smooth mining operations.

CTIconnect provides wireless solutions that support the mining industry’s need for productivity and safety throughout operations. We carry high-speed communications solutions that allow mining operations to be coordinated from the mine site, supply depots, operation centers, and transportation hubs. Video, voice, email, and data traffic, alongside SCADA data from sensors, are all on a single network for centralized end-to-end administration.

  • Surveillance
  • Licensed Microwave
  • Unlicensed Microwave
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Private LTE
  • Land Mobile Radio Network Backhaul
  • Cellular Enhancement
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Integrated Operations Center