PMP 450

The PMP 450 platform provides ultra-high performance and cost-effective, fixed wireless broadband connectivity for serious network operators of all sizes.

In addition to a highly evolved feature set including GPS synchronization and advanced scheduling algorithms, the PMP 450 platform also features groundbreaking cnMedusa™ technology. cnMedusa provides massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) capability in a cost-effective PMP solution. This truly leading-edge innovation utilizes not only nearly infinite beamforming patterns in both the uplink and downlink but massive MU-MIMO in each direction as well. Uplink MU-MIMO is something that no standards-based protocol supports today and is a unique feature for the fixed wireless industry. cnMedusa increases capacity per sector by allowing simultaneous data transfer to multiple subscriber modules (SM) within a sector. cnMedusa technology is available on the PMP 450m Access Points (AP) for the 5 GHz and 3 GHz bands around the globe, and it is certified for use in the new CBRS (US) spectrum.

The PMP 450 platform is also available in the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz unlicensed bands as well as 4.9 GHz. Cambium Networks continues to introduce new PMP 450 subscriber modules and access points, including purpose-built MicroPoP solutions, connectorized and integrated-antenna 2×2 solutions, and point-to-point radios. Because of the software-defined nature of the PMP 450 platform (which is built on an FPGA), innovation and advancement of the platform happens nearly continuously, bringing new features, enhancements, and performance with every software release.

69 Products

450 MicroPoP Unlock Key
SKU: C000045K201A
5 GHz 450 MicroPoP Sector - 90
SKU: C050045A207A
5 GHz 450 MicroPoP Omni – FCC
SKU: C050045A202A
3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree (No Encryption)
SKU: C030045A114A
CMM5 to cnPulse Shielded Cable – 20m
SKU: N000000L125A
cnPulse Sync Generator with CambiumSYNC
SKU: C000000L066B
5 GHz 450b - Mid-Gain FCC
SKU: C050045B032A
Gigabit Surge Suppressor (30V)
SKU: C000000L065A
3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree, Limited
SKU: C030045A111A
3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree
SKU: C030045A101A
5 GHz PMP 450i SM, Integrated High Gain Antenna
SKU: C050045C002A
CMM5 Power and Sync Injector 56V
SKU: C000000L556B
CMM5 Power and Sync Injector 29V
SKU: C000000L529A
CMM5 Controller
SKU: C000000L500B
5 GHz PMP 450d 40 Mbps - 4 Pack Overpack
SKU: C054045H013B
5 GHz PMP 450i Integrated High Gain Antenna, ATEX/HAZLOC
SKU: C050045C004B
5 GHz PMP 450i Conn Subscriber Module, ATEX/HAZLOC
SKU: C050045C003B
5 GHz PMP 450i SM, Integrated High Gain Antenna
SKU: C050045C002C
5 GHz PMP 450i Connectorized Subscriber Module
SKU: C050045C001B
5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree (FCC), Limited
SKU: C050045A112A
5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree (FCC)
SKU: C050045A102A
5 GHz PMP 450i Connectorized Access Point (FCC)
SKU: C050045A002B
3.55 - 3.8 GHz PMP 450 High Gain Directional Integrated Sub
SKU: C036045C014A
3.55-3.8 GHz PMP 450 Connectorized Subscriber Module, Uncap
SKU: C036045C008A