Cambium Networks Licensed Point-to-Point (PTP)

Cambium Networks proven point-to-point (PTP) series solutions are deployed worldwide, serving highly critical applications in formidable environments for the world’s most demanding users. With best-in-class real-world performance and FIPS 140-2 approved security available for government and military applications, the PTP series is your connection to what matters, no matter what.

248 Products

PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1010, ChLow, Lo, 17700-18200MHz
SKU: C180085B018A
PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1010, ChLow, Hi, 18710-19220MHz
SKU: C180085B017A
PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1010, ChHigh, Lo, 18126-18690MHz
SKU: C180085B016A
PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1010, ChHigh, Hi, 19160-19700MHz
SKU: C180085B015A
PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1560, ChAll, Lo, 17699-18150MHz
SKU: C180085B014A
PTP 850C Radio 18WGHz, TR 1560, ChAll, Hi, 19259-19710MHz
SKU: C180085B013A
PTP 820 Act.Key - Capacity 500M
SKU: N000082L125A
PTP 820 Act.Key - PTP 820C HP & RFU-D HP 2nd Core Activation
SKU: C000082K172A
PTP 820 Act.Key - Capacity 650M
SKU: N000082L126A
PTP 820C Radio 18WGHz,TR1560,ChAll,Non-MIMO,Lo,17699-18150MH
SKU: C180082L004A
PTP 820C Radio 18WGHz,TR1560,ChAll,Non-MIMO,Hi,19259-19710MH
SKU: C180082L003A
PTP 820 Act.Key - 10GE port
SKU: N000082K167A
PTP 820C-HP, Basic Radio, NON-MIMO,11 GHz
SKU: C110082B129A
PTP820 REMEC interface Antenna Adaptor Kit 18GHz Dual Pol
SKU: N180082L063A
PTP820 REMEC interface Antenna Adapt Kit 18 GHz Single Pol
SKU: N180082L062A
PTP820 Bench Test Setup Kit - 18 & 23 GHz
SKU: N180082H061A
PTP820 Bench Test Setup Kit Part a - 11 GHz
SKU: N110082H124A
PTP820G IDU to IDU Converter Box
SKU: N000082H160A
SKU: N000000D004A
PTP 820 RFU-C,18GHz,TR1010,ChH,Lo,18126-18690MHz
SKU: C180082R028A
PTP 820 RFU-C,18GHz,TR1010,ChH,Hi,19160-19700MHz
SKU: C180082R027A
PTP 820 RFU-C,18GHz,TR1010,ChL,Lo,17700-18200MHz
SKU: C180082R026A
PTP 820 RFU-C,18GHz,TR1010,ChL,Hi,18710-19220MHz
SKU: C180082R025A
PTP 820C Radio 18GHzTR1010ChHighLo18126-18690MHz
SKU: C180082B016A