Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks delivers wireless communications that work for businesses, communities and cities worldwide. Millions of our radios are deployed to connect people, places and things with a unified wireless fabric that spans multiple standards and frequencies of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, all managed centrally via the cloud. Our multi-gigabit wireless fabric offers a compelling value proposition over traditional fiber and alternative wireless solutions. We work with our Cambium certified ConnectedPartners to deliver purpose-built networks for service provider, enterprise, industrial, and government connectivity solutions in urban, suburban, and rural environments, with wireless that just works.

2045 Products

Multi-mode Optical 1000BaseSX SFP Interface per ODU
SKU: C000065L009A
cnPilot E600 Indoor (FCC) 802.11ac wave 2, 4x4, AP
AC line cord, US Type B, 1.2m C13 connector
SKU: N000900L040A
PTP 670 Integrated 23dBi END with AC+DC Enhanced Supply (FC
SKU: C050067H004B
5 GHz PMP 450i Connectorized Access Point (FCC)
SKU: C050045A002B
Universal Wall Mount Bracket
SKU: C000000L136A
External GPS Antenna
SKU: N000900L030A
PTP 450 5 GHz END - Connectorized (FCC)
SKU: C054045B006A
2.4 GHz PMP 450 Subscriber Module, Uncapped
SKU: C024045C004A
PTP 820 4' ANT,SP,11GHz,RFU-C TYPE&UBR100 - Radiowave
SKU: N110082D100A
US Line Cord Fig 8
SKU: N000065L003A
ePMP Force 425 Range Extender 4-Pack Packaging priced per extender
SKU: N000900L062A
10G SFP+ SMF LR Transceiver, 1310nm. -40C to 85C
PTP 820 2' ANT,SP,80GHz, RFU-E TYPE & UG387 - Andrew
SKU: N800082D009A
PTP 820 3' ANT,SP,18GHz,RFU-C TYPE&UBR220 - Radiowave
SKU: N180082D053A
5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree (FCC), Limited
SKU: C050045A112A
3 GHz PMP 450i Connectorized Access Point
SKU: C030045A001A
SKU: N110082L081A
PTP 820 2' ANT,SP,11GHz,RFU-C TYPE&UBR100 - Radiowave
SKU: N110082D096A
3000 5 GHz Access Point Radio (FCC) (US cord)
SKU: C058910A102A
PTP 820 Glands_x5_KIT
SKU: N000082L014A
Tilt Bracket Assembly
SKU: N000045L002A